Payment Information


We understand that therapy is an investment and have a number of payment options available to the families that we serve. 

We attempt to review each client's history and medical information in order to identify a possible contributing medical diagnosis, but coverage is not guaranteed.


If billing insurance, a referral form from your child's primary care physician is required prior to the evaluation. Please call your child's doctor and ask them to fax a referral for therapy services to Talking Tadpoles at 214-935-2457. 

Additionally, for patients utilizing Medicaid, a hearing screening will be required within 60 days of the evaluation.

We currently accept most major commercial/private insurance carriers.

Speech Therapy Services

For speech therapy services, we are in network with the following plans:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas (HMO & PPO) 

  • United Healthcare

  • Tricare (non-preferred provider)

  • Amerigroup (STAR, CHIP)

  • Cook Children's Health Plan (STAR, STAR Kids, CHIP)

  • Aetna Better Health (STAR, STAR Kids, CHIP)

  • Parkland Health STAR (pending)

Occupational Therapy Services

For occupational therapy services,  we are in network with the following plans:

  • Tricare (non-preferred provider)

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas (HMO & PPO Plans)

  • United Healthcare

  • Amerigroup (STAR, CHIP)

  • Cook Children's Health Plan (STAR, STAR Kids, CHIP)

  • Aetna Better Health (STAR, STAR Kids, CHIP)

We are out of network with all other plans (i.e., Aetna, CIGNA). 

Benefits Estimation & Out of Network Options

We offer competitive time-of-service, self pay options and will provide courtesy out-of-network billing for all commercial plans. Please fill out a contact form and indicate that you would like to be placed on our waiting list if you would like to be notified when we achieve in-network status.


Estimating benefits: We will research your benefits and provide you with information on whether on not speech therapy is a covered benefit and determine the best way for your child to get the care they need. We strive to provide full disclosure regarding the costs of the therapeutic interventions you may need; however, your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. We encourage you to become familiar with your benefits as they relate to therapy.


Here are some questions you may want to ask your insurance company:

1. Are speech-language and/or feeding & swallowing disorders covered?

2. Does this include developmental speech-language disorders (the cause is not due to an accident or injury)?

3. What is your deductible and have you met it? If you have not met your deductible, you will have to pay out of pocket until your deductible has been met.

4. What is your co-pay? What is your co-insurance?

5. Is the co-pay different for a specialist than it is for a regular doctor's visit?

6. Are there any limitations to the coverage of speech-language disorders?

7. How many visits are allowed per year?

In addition, we offer competitive time-of-service self pay options, when insurance does not provide coverage for treatment. 

Please contact us to find out your options.

Updated: December 22, 2017